Enhancing your corporate image….

We help you enhance your corporate image and unique perception in the marketplace, identify your uniqueness and achieve a clear understanding of your brand. Our aim is to have you stand out from the crowd – resulting in increased client understanding, loyalty and goodwill which ultimately translates into increased referrals.

Why should companies engage Ladybird Consultancy?

With a wealth of experience in the corporate world and over 35 years professional experience, the team at Ladybird Group have encountered and “lived” the customer experience from both sides.

We work with you to maximise your opportunities to nurture and grow your client relationships, significantly enhancing your clients’ experience and increasing their ongoing referrals. Topics typically covered on our consulting process include:

  • Identifying your brand
  • Identifying your client’s perception of your brand
  • Identification of any of the Critical Non Essentials in your business
  • Determining how to introduce these or enhance the effect of those Critical Non Essentials currently in place in your business
  • Identifying ways to significantly add value to your clients and turn them into great referrers
  • Exploring ways to enhance your client’s experience
  • When to say thank you and how to do it appropriately
  • What to send and when…(this differs vastly by industry)
  • Enhancing those referrals
  • Freeing up your time and allowing you to do what you do best…

Relationship Consulting

Relationship Consulting is a UNIQUE SERVICE offered by Ladybird Gifts

Companies spend huge dollars developing their Corporate Brand to ensure that their logos, stationery, websites, newsletters and advertising collateral are consistent across the board.

A strong company ethos indicates that the “brand” is a reflection of the “personality” of the business and should permeate every aspect of that business’ marketing and communication mix Research shows that it is advantageous to extend this Corporate Brand on both a personal and corporate level as it nurtures and helps to significantly enhance corporate-client relationships Ladybird Gifts have therefore developed our Relationship Consulting Solution

This Relationship Consulting is “the icing on the cake” It helps:

  • Position your company in the market place with beautiful unique and individualized gifts
  • Promote client loyalty
  • Further differentiates your company from your competitors
  • Significantly adds to your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In simple terms it takes your company to a completely new level and increases awareness in the market place

The Process

Initial Consultation

The first meeting is a “meet and greet” and “fact finding mission” during which we determine the following:

  • The establishment of your corporate brief
  • Your brand perception/your client’s brand perception
  • Your Company values
  • A description of your client base – white collar/blue collar, urban professionals, over 55’s etc..
  • Your current referral strategy
  • Your Critical Non Essentials
  • An outline of your previous gift giving “history”
  • Your thoughts, ideas and plans for the future
  • Your gift preferences and your “likes and dislikes”
  • Gifting – the good, the bad and the ugly…
  • A comprehensive outline of your current gift recipients
    • Clients/staff – male/female, married, single, Sydney based, interstate etc..
  • Your reasoning regarding gifting/non gifting
  • To “logo” or “not to logo”
  • Your proposed budget spend
  • Are we on the same page?
  • Second Meeting

    During this meeting we will:

    • Reconfirm our previous discussions
    • “Unveil” our proposed solutions (this may include our suggested gift range and packaging options)
    • Discuss refinements, required time frames and proposed logistics
    • Confirm Terms and Conditions

    Third Meeting

    At this time we will:

    • Discuss any outstanding requirements
    • Confirm your final gift range, packaging and logistics
    • Confirm your final timeframes

    The Investment

    The cost to your company is MINIMAL

    The value in helping you build quality long term relationships is PRICELESS

    Enquiries please contact us on 02 9629 1073 or 0407 206 217