Are you a “Seasoned” Networker or on your Networking “L” or “P” Plates?

Perception is everything in business

That first impression is vital – you only have seconds to make a good 1st impression

It is therefore imperative to hone your networking skills so you can enhance your opportunity for a positive and valuable “meet and greet”

  • Are you an “L” or a “P” Plate Networker?
    • “L” plate networkers are those in their networking infancy and still very much in the learning phase.
    • “P” plate networkers are those who have “some” experience and are only now really starting to learn the finer points on how to network

Addressing these stages early significantly enhances future interactions, better relationships and business connections

Successful networking is an art…

Early knowledge combined with simple tips and tools results in effective, positive networking experiences and greatly enhances future interactions and positive business connections.

  • Are you a “Seasoned” Networker
    • A seasoned networker has networked for many years and usually has no confidence issues, but may have picked up bad habits or need a refresher course on the current and correct “road rules” in order to obtain their “licence’’ again…

Networking Workshops

Ladybird Group has a range of interactive, practical Networking Workshops designed to give you the tips and tools to fine tune your networking skills and maximise your outcomes

Private Consultations

By appointment

Who should consider mentoring?

Our workshops and private consultations are suitable for anyone who is engaged in business to business functions, corporate employees representing an organisation, sales personnel, marketing personnel and business owners, in fact anyone who is looking to build quality relationships with their target market.

Topics covered in the sessions include:

  • Strategies for use before, during and after a function
  • Conversational starters
  • How to work a room with style
  • How to engage and disengage with finesse
  • Card sharks?
  • “It’s not all about you”
  • The “virtual” introduction
  • Relationships – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • The “coffee catch up”
  • Follow up etiquette
  • The “parsley dilemma”…

Please call Bev on 0407 206 217 for more information

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